Thermal Imaging

Lumix is now offering Thermal Imaging Services to anyone in need.


Thermal Images are used for predicting failures because they make the invisible visible.  On a thermal image problems seem to jump right out at you.  Combined with predictive maintenance thermal imaging helps keep plants operational at all times.  Infra-red Thermal Imaging will:

  • Identify And Locate The Problem
  • Measure Temperatures
  • Tell You Exactly What Needs To Be Fixed
  • Store Information
  • Help You Find Faults Before Real Problems Occur
  • Save You Time And Money

Since Infra-red Thermal Imaging is a non-contact diagnostic method, we can quickly scan a particular piece of equipment from a  safe distance,  leave the hazardous area, return to office and analyze data without getting in harms way.


Examples of failures in high voltage installations that can be detected with Thermal Imaging:

  • Oxidation Of High Voltage Switches
  • Overheated Connections
  • Incorrectly Secured Connections
  • Insulator Defects

The infra-red Thermal Image will show overheated connectors, overloaded fuses the need replaced, short circuit that could potentially start fire.


By scanning electrical cabinets and motor control centers with Thermal Imaging we are able to locate hot spots, and determine the severity of the problem as well as establish time frame in which equipment should be repaired.  
Examples Of Failures:

  • High Resistance Connections
  • Corroded Connections
  • Internal Fuse Damage
  • Internal Circuit Breaker Faults
  • Poor Connections and Internal Damage